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Destiny Connect Tick-Tock Travelers


Sherry, a young girl and resident of the small mechanical town of Clocknee, is fed up with her father's no-show at the New Year celebration when time suddenly comes to a halt.

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Now, in order to save her family, Sherry must join Pegreo, a timid inventor's son, and Isaac, a time-traveling robot, on a journey that spans across several generations to save their world, and time, as they know it.

Join Sherry and her friends in this heartfelt adventure through time as they unveil the mystery behind why time has stopped in their beloved town of Clocknee.

Firmware requirements: 5.50 or higher


Download Destiny Connect Tick-Tock Travelers v1 (CUSA14719 - AS - PKG)
Download Destiny Connect Tick-Tock Travelers Update v1.02 (CUSA14719 - AS - PKG)